How to Pick Your Maid of Honor And Not Offend Anyone

How to Pick Your Maid of Honor And Not Offend Anyone

Maid of honor indecision

Picking your maid of honor can be a difficult task. Your maid of honor will be there for you for bachelorette party planning, wedding idea inspiration, and day of wedding help. You need to make sure you find the right person. But what if there are multiple “right” people and you have close relationships that you don’t want to hurt? We hope our tips below will help soften the blow.

How to select your maid of honor while reducing chances of offending those not chosen

  1. Pick the sister
    If you have friends and family that would all be perfect, pick your sister. Usually, friends expect you to pick family over friends, and the news will be easier.
  2. Pick the longest relationship
    You might have a newer friend that everything just clicks with.
    But it is hard for them to be upset when you pick your friend you’ve known for 15 years.
  3. Pick the friend who lives closer to you / the venue and is the most available right now
    Tell the other you know how many vendor appointments, dress appointments, tasks and errands there will be and that you didn’t want to add more stress.
  4. Tell the ones you don’t pick how much you value them, and how hard the choice was.
    One of the strongest human needs is the need to be appreciated. Tell them everything you appreciate about what they have done and continue doing for you as a friend.
  5. Pick both!
    It’s your wedding; you make the rules. Only do this if your two friends get along and don’t get jealous. They should communicate well and be capable of dividing tasks or sharing responsibility

I hope these tips on how to pick your maid of honor without offending anyone was a big help. The last thing you need when planning your wedding is drama surrounding the friends that don’t get picked. Let us know in the comments if this helped you or you have any other great tips to add.

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