• Wedding Ideas
  • Silicone Wedding Rings – A Quick Guide

    silicone wedding ring on husbands hand

    Silicone Wedding Rings are growing in popularity. We will show you why couples are turning to these wedding bands for their safety, affordability, originality, and conflict-free origins. Silicone bands are safer than metal rings Many men and women with active lifestyles or jobs that require usage of heavy or powerful machinery or tools frequently have to take off […]

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  • Our Tips
  • Bridal Alterations Guide – Reduce Stress and Save Money

    seamstress sketch of the dress and bridal alterations needed

    Everyone knows that wedding dresses are expensive and considered a substantial expenditure for almost every wedding budget. Not everyone, however, realizes that the cost of the wedding dress isn’t only the market price you pay for it in the store, it also requires additional costs due to bridal alterations. And that extra tailoring can be surprisingly expensive. […]

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  • How Tos
  • Wedding Vendor Negotiation – Secrets No One Tells You

    Wedding Vendor Negotiation Intro

    Wedding vendor negotiation – what, why and how? Your wedding is likely to be one of the largest expenses of your adult life. The majority of couples make the mistake of assuming that quotes given to them by vendors are set in stone. But it doesn’t matter whether you are talking about the venue, photographer, DJ, band, florist, […]

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  • How Tos
  • Affordable Bridal Skin Care – How to Look Good and Save

    Affordable bridal skin care

    The beautiful skin we all dream about for our wedding The base ingredient to the perfect bridal look is beautiful skin. However, not everyone is blessed by nature with a flawless complexion. When we look at beauty magazines and websites, many of the beauty experts advise you to start your bridal beauty regimen at least 6-12 months ahead with multiple pricey treatments. If […]

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  • How Tos
  • Affordable Florist – How to Find One That Meets Your Budget

    Finding an affordable florist

    Discovering a florist you can afford Finding a florist that meets your budget can be easy or tough depending on your budget. In 2015 the average couple spent just under two thousand dollars on flowers. Depending on your financial situation and what help you have from family on your wedding budget, this could be an enormous […]

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  • Rants
  • How To Feel Rich While Wedding Planning On A Budget

    Feeling Rich On A Wedding Budget

    The pressure and expectations that our culture puts on soon to be newly-weds are immense. You are bombarded by extravagant weddings in magazines. Wedding websites are filled with glamorous wedding photos. You may even have friends or family who have thrown lavish weddings that you feel like yours will be compared against. These pressures and expectations are real, […]

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