Affordable Florist – How to Find One That Meets Your Budget

Finding an affordable florist

Discovering a florist you can afford

Finding a florist that meets your budget can be easy or tough depending on your budget. In 2015 the average couple spent just under two thousand dollars on flowers. Depending on your financial situation and what help you have from family on your wedding budget, this could be an enormous amount of money to you. We knew we couldn’t afford to spend two thousand dollars on flowers.

At first, I didn’t think it was possible to find an affordable florist. But I ended up finding a great affordable florist, that saved me so much time and energy of finding flowers, ordering them, storing them, and all the prep work of cutting and arranging them nicely.

Here are some creative ways to save money when picking a florist.

  1. Look for florists that are building their career
    Make sure you are not their first client and ask them questions about their previous weddings. Make sure you feel comfortable talking to them and that you click.
  2. Tell them your budget
    Tell each florist you call your maximum budget right away and ask if they would still like to work with you. Many florists may turn you down if your budget is below average, but others will be willing to work with you.
  3. Be flexible on your flowers
    Give your florist an overview of what type of style your wedding is, and which colors you would like. Give them flexibility concerning what flowers to pick that can achieve your overall goals without breaking your budget.
  4. Are you getting married at on off-peak season or day of the week?
    If so, make sure to mention this to each florist you call. They may be willing to take the job for less if they know they won’t have another job that day.
  5. Reuse your flowers
    Tell your florist you are willing to save more by moving some of the most expensive flowers from the ceremony to the reception. You can have a couple of close friends designated to relocate them.
  6. Avoid using flowers outdoors
    If your ceremony is taking place in a beautiful green outdoor environment, you may not need many flowers. Let your florist know, and that can reduce your budget as well.
  7. Negotiate
    Learning how to negotiate down the price of the service could also save you even further.
    It’s important to understand that you can offer more than just money for their services, which could reduce the cost while still making the vendor happy with the deal.

We recognize that having a florist can be a huge help because it means you don’t have to become a specialist on flowers, how to store them, how to cut them, etc. But you probably wondered how you could find an affordable florist that meets your budget. We hope our tips will help you find your perfect florist without going broke. Let us know in the comments if this helped you find a florist within your budget, or you have any other tips or questions about the topic.

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  1. I really like your tip to give your florist your ideas but to be flexible with some adjustments there in order to stay within your budget. This is not only helpful when wedding planning, but I think for future occasions as well when you want to buy flowers for your loved one. Knowing that they can help you get good flowers within your budget will make it easier for you to invest in getting flowers somewhat regularly later on when your loved one may most need them.

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