Affordable Bridal Skin Care – How to Look Good and Save

Affordable bridal skin care

The beautiful skin we all dream about for our wedding

The base ingredient to the perfect bridal look is beautiful skin. However, not everyone is blessed by nature with a flawless complexion. When we look at beauty magazines and websites, many of the beauty experts advise you to start your bridal beauty regimen at least 6-12 months ahead with multiple pricey treatments. If you add up these costs, it can get up to $1000 or more. To prepare for my wedding, I wanted a more affordable bridal skin care solution. There is a way to save money on your bridal skin care and still look like a million bucks. All you need is a plan that is tailored to you that you stick to religiously until the day of your wedding.

Below, I present a few affordable bridal skin care tips that every bride can incorporate into her routine.

Get the advice of a dermatologist
Affordable bridal skin care starts by getting professional advice tailored to you. The doctor will assess your skin condition and suggest the best way of treatment (if necessary). If you have acne prone skin, he will probably prescribe you some antibiotics, topical or oral, depending on the severity of the problem. If you have issues with enlarged pores or discolorations, the doctor might suggest some creams to even out your skin surface and tone. You can ask him about any future treatments in beauty salons – he is an expert in this field, and his suggestion can be trusted. My doctor recommended a mild chemical peel that he applied every four weeks and cream that I used every night. The condition of my skin improved within a few weeks, and the best part of it was – it was all covered by my insurance. So it only cost me my normal copayments – much less if you compare it to the prices of beauty salon treatments.

Eat healthy
No beauty treatment can replace a well-balanced diet. The food that you consume has an immense effect on your body and skin complexion. Opt for a few portions of fruits and veggies a day. Dark leafy greens can do wonders for your skin. Avoid chocolate, processed sugars or spicy food – they can cause breakouts, inflammation, etc. Instead of eating out try cooking more. This will not only give you control over every ingredient but also helps you save money as well.

Drink a lot of water
Hydration of your skin, improvement of your complexion, and flushing out toxins are just the beginning of the long list of benefits of this miraculous drink. You should drink at least eight glasses of water per day

Try DIY masks
Almost every Indian bride knows the advantages of turmeric masks. It is usually applied religiously for a month before the wedding. This mixture brightens out your complexion and keeps any inflammation/pimple at bay. I used it multiple times. It works wonders, and the ingredients are very affordable so why not try it?

Stay away from stress
Letting go of the expectation of perfection will help you relax and reduce stress. Stress can adversely impact your metabolism, immune system, and cause hormonal imbalance that leads to adverse changes in your skin condition, among other things. It can also cause hair loss, and make your nails brittle. I know that it’s easier said than done, but instead of obsessing about things that can go wrong at the wedding try to set aside some time every day and meditate. There are multiple apps available that might be helpful if you are new to this discipline. One that my Dr. recommended is headspace (no affiliation).

Physical activity not only supports weight loss but also is the key to healthy skin. Exercising increases the flow of oxygenated blood to every cell of the body including your skin. The flow also removes toxins, waste products, and free radicals. Exercising is also a great stress reducer (reminder to our previous point).

Take vitamins and omega acids
A well-balanced diet is the best source of vitamins and minerals for your body. Sometimes, however, we can help ourselves with supplementation that can improve our skin and nail condition. Effective supplements should contain vitamins A, E, B complex, and omega acids. There is a vast amount of those preparations on the market so ask your pharmacist for any recommendation.

Have a good night sleep
Under eye circles and bags won’t be the only effect of a sleepless night. Your skin repairs itself and rejuvenates while you sleep. According to experts, you should get at least 7-9 hours of sleep for a beautiful, radiant face. If you have trouble sleeping, try meditation. If little sounds wake you up, frequently try white noise. There are plenty of apps and websites if you search for white noise. Try to avoid any wedding planning right before bed, and have a winding down routine that clears your mind and relaxes you.

I hope this affordable bridal skin care plan helps you achieve a flawless complexion without maxing out your credit cards. Again, this is what I did for my wedding. We are all different with individual skin types and skin issues. Please share your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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